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New Demo Reel Package


1 "house call", 3 hours of editing, and mastering at no additional cost. Mastering includes any computer files needed for Internet distribution including casting websites.




House Calls

One house call is included with every new project. New projects are either a new demo reel edited with us or an update to a demo reel we pull out of our archive. All appointments must be made a week in advance. 

Long Distance Editing
With clients in New York, Sydney, London, Mexico City, Vancouver, and more - editing “long distance” has proven to be highly effective, enabling clients worldwide to take advantage of our editing expertise.
We can communicate effectively via email or Skype and provide previews via a private link. (Skype appointments must be scheduled in advance via email.)

Demo Reel Editing

​$80/hour for editing time.
One Hour minimum for new projects.

We charge in 15 minute increments past the first hour. 

We are experts in cutting both demo reels and individual skill\performance clips for attaching to your e-resume.

Different Formats


Webfiles are mastered to any format needed for Internet distribution including all major casting websites.

$35/DVD Master. 

(Ask us how you can get it Free!)

Digital Make-up
Student/independent projects don't always have the time or bugdet for proper make-up or lighting. On top of that HD cameras are known for picking up every pore and line of human skin. Even well acted scenes can feel disapointing when they don't show you at your best. See video to the right.

Adding Music to a Scene

After re-cutting a scene for acting, the option of adding low level ambient music can add a little spice to a scene while keeping the focus on you. ContrarianMind has teamed up with Music Composer Justin Marshall Elias to bring you a selection of pieces to pick from. Read More and check out his music selection.

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