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Michael Nicklin - Manager


Working with Shaun Wood at ContrarianMind Post continues to be an extremely positive experience for myself as well as my Vortexian Talent Management clients.  Shaun is a consummate professional who works tirelessly to create a final product that speaks directly to casting professionals!
He has a keen eye for editing performance, and his sole goal is to highlight the actor’s skill and range rather than his own as an editor.  Shaun will give you his honest opinion and tell you like it is – which I find invaluable.  He has edited hundreds of demo reels and keeps his finger on the pulse of what time-challenged casting directors, producers, agents and managers look for. Shaun combines amazing technical skills, creative insight and true professionalism.
I began working with Shaun on demo reels and performance clips in 2008 and have done so regularly since.  Under my direction as a producer;  he has also edited short films, corporate videos, sizzle reels, and commercials.  I highly recommend his services to anyone.

Michelle Page - Actor 

Shaun is such a pro! He’s so smart at gathering what you want for your reel and creating a reel that really promotes your work, putting the attention on YOU. Shaun is very detail-oriented, which I think is important in making a reel, and not to mention, he’s a great guy to work with! I absolutely love my reel, and I receive compliments on it all the time from industry professionals. I highly recommend Shaun Wood, and I’ll continue to work with him again and again!
David Carey Foster - Actor
Put away your preconceived notions about video editing sessions, because Shaun Wood at ContrarianMind will redefine the experience for you. If you’ve been editing your own reel (or any kind of project), as I was, by sitting down with Final Cut and learning on the job as you struggle with questionable copies of your footage and how exactly to make the software do what you want, then Shaun will certainly rock your world. You will be astounded at his myriad abilities to quickly and efficiently maximize footage in ways that you never would have imagined. Plus, he travels to you, completely self-contained, so you work from the comfort of your own home over a cup or coffee…or two. This is rare. It is worth every reasonable dollar he charges to have a professional do the work - saving you time and stress; and you walk away with a much better representation of your talent than you could ever manufacture yourself. Trust him with your future! You will be very happy you did.
Kelly Lynn Warren - Actor
Shaun Wood is the greatest! My manager absolutely loved my reel, and everyone in my world is raving about this dude. What he has done with editing truly made it fun to watch.
Mary Mackey - Actor
Shaun did an amazing job editing my reel and clips. I just sat there and watched him perform his magic, giving my approval at each step in the process. The end result was a night and day difference from the original material after he was done editing my scenes. He was able to feature me in a much stronger light through editing. Lets face it, when it comes to our reels and clips its got to be all about us. Its our job to show the casting directors what we can do, not showcase what the other actors in our scenes can do. I feel a lot more confident and proud to submit to projects with my new clips and reel. Thank you Shaun!
Carrie Shroeder - Actor
Inspired, knowledgeable, professional, are just a few of the words I would use to describe my experience working with Shaun. And yes – he works WITH you, in a detail-oriented manner to make sure each result is exactly what you want. He didn't even begrudge me when I showed up with clips on every piece of media you could think of! Shaun has the tools and expertise to create a consistent and professional reel, no matter what best-source format you were able to find. He can advise you on that in advance as well. If you want a professional reel that stands outs and highlights you and your work - Shaun is your guy.
Monique Bricca - Actor
Shaun is a perfectionist and cares about making the best demo reel.  He is a delight - easy to work with, understands actors, and quickly delivers a professional looking reel.   Shaun’s work ethic, creative editing skill and discerning eye are all exemplary.  What can I say, the tools give me an edge in this competitive industry. I was recently recommended by a fellow actor for a supporting role in an indie feature, and I booked the role from my demo reel.  After my first reel edit, I have returned for two updates and several separate performance clips to attach to my online resume.  Whenever I hear that an actor needs a new demo reel or is re-working  their existing reel, I send them to ContrarianMind.
Lindsey Payne - Actor
It was so nice to have the whole process done in the comfort of my own home, and with someone who really knows what they are doing. Thank you for really listening to what I wanted and giving your advice as well, so we could come together and make a reel that I am so proud of.
Gareth Koorzen - Actor
Shaun Wood is an absolute genius. And more importantly, he loves what he does and he does it with precision. He is most definitely a perfectionist and can fine tune any moment that is not moving your demo reel along smoothly or making you look like a complete professional at what you do. Like a classical composer who crafts a fine piece of music. Shaun has the innate ability to hear and see colors and notes that go far beyond a trained eye or ear. I am so genuinely happy with my final product and implore any actors out there who are looking for editing work to trust in Shaun, throw a bunch of material his way, sit back, relax and watch the magic happen in front of your very own eyes.

Michael Kripchak - Actor 

The best part about working with Shaun is that he was always willing to walk me through and explain the choices he made and was always open to input. I was so exited when my reel was complete. I've heard "loved your reel"  from people inside and out of the industry. I've been asked by several actors for ContrarianMind's contact info after they watched my reel. It worked great for my agent search. I booked several interviews with agents and signed with one because of my reel.
Jason Kobielus - Actor
Shaun is a demo reel wizard. Over the course of three hours, he turned my raw, poorly-edited supporting footage into seamless, reel-worthy clips that completely focused the story’s attention on me. I would even go so far as to say he improved upon the original directors’ and editors’ intentions. I highly recommend Shaun to anyone looking to edit their reel, and I most certainly intend on using him in the future.
Skylar Towle - Actor
I would recommend Shaun to any actor who wants to further their career in the business. He was extremely professional, easy to work with, and was one step ahead of me throughout the entire process. Shaun encouraged me to be apart of the editing and his opinions and honesty were refreshing and appreciated! If you want a good reel email him. Seriously. Do it. Now.
Logan Martin - Actor
Working with Shaun was such an insightful and fun process. We worked together to create the best marketing tool for me and he takes you step by step through the process. I was able to learn more about what the casting industry is looking for just by listening to and observing him work. He's very talented and professional and will take the time to show you what and why you need certain things to optimally sell yourself. I definitely recommend working with Shaun!
Sandra de Bruin - Actor
I finally have a reel that I'm proud to have seen thanks to Shaun and his artistic eye, knowledge and over all expert editing skills. Also it was a sheer pleasure working with Shaun because everything was done so smoothly and low key. Thanks, Shaun.​
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