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Below are various clip where compositing became extremely important to complete or improve a shots.


In this previsualization (also known as pre-rendering) clip, multiple takes of the scene were shot and edited to visualize a complex storytelling device prior to filming.  The script called for a  man going back in time repeatedly to a single event and remaining there, causing there to be multiple copies of him present in that space and time.   We extracted the subject from multiple takes and combined the layers into a single composite output ‘take’ of the actor.  The advantage of this pre-visualization is that it allowed the director to experiment with different  visual storytelling options, as well as testing the effectiveness of the effect prior to principal photography.

Ghost Composite

This scene was first executed as a single shot, with the costumed actor appearing in the doorway.  The director was not happy with the end result during our daily reviews, so the scene was immediately re-shot as two separate elements – the back-lit doorway and the re-cast “ghost” to facilitate our visual effects work.   We digitally composited  the two images to create this result.

Shaky Wine Glass

Since principal shooting can be a hectic time for both actors and directors, some footage may prove to be unusable during the editing process while continuity issues or omissions from script or storyboard may surface.   In the shot on the left of screen, the woman is walking back in the room after her wine has been drugged by a perpetrator.  No coverage or pick-up of the wine being tampered with was shot.  In the original shot there is no movement to the wine.  In a separate take (right) the actress sits the wine glass down and creates movement in the glass.  We composited the shaking wine in to the master shot the director needed to move the story forward.

Digital Billboard

This film featured a “film within a film” and required the creation in post-production of a billboard promoting the fictional film.  The original content of the billboard in the shot was removed and a chroma key created to which the graphic for the new billboard was composited to create this effect.

Distracting Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers appeared on walls throughout this short film, which I was asked to correct. In this scene, both the extinguisher and boom shadow were removed.

Digital Make-up

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